How to apply for college as a...


You are a high school student, or graduated from high school or earned a GED less than 5 years ago.

How to apply as a new freshman


You are taking, or have completed, classes at another college and want to complete your degree at UA. You may have already earned an associate degree and seek another, or a bachelor's degree.

How to apply as a transfer student


It has been more than five years since you graduated from high school or earned a G.E.D., and you have never attended college.

How to apply as an adult student


Qualifying Ohio students in grades 7-12 can earn both secondary school and college credit, free!

More about College Credit Plus for undergraduate enrollment 


You attend another college and want to take a few classes at UA before returning to your college.

How to apply as a guest student


You have a bachelor's degree and want to take more undergrad classes toward another degree.

How to apply as a post-bac


  • 60+ enrollment
  • Certificate seeking
  • Wanting to enroll at other UA sites in Northeast Ohio
  • Wanting to re-enroll at UA
  • Admission for special students who wish to take particular courses and are not working toward a degree

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If you have already applied and been accepted, the next step is to confirm your enrollment. Welcome to Akron!

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