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Application information for future doctors, people who are age 60 and older, those who want to earn a certificate or re-enroll, and those who simply want to take a class but are not looking for a degree.

The Bacc/M.D. (2 + 2 + 4) pathway

A four-year undergraduate program of study at the University of Akron leading to Northeast Ohio Medical School with a reserved seat in medical school.

How to apply for Bacc/M.D.

Certificate-seeking and special students

This is for people who:

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Re-enroll at UA

If you were a former student at UA and wish to return to take undergraduate coursework, please refer to the following steps.

  • If you attended another college or university after you left UA, you will need to reapply as a transfer student. Please contact the Transfer and Adult Student Enrollment Center at 330-972-7009 during normal business hours or write to
  • If you did not attend another college or university after you left UA, you can reactivate your enrollment with the Office of the University Registrar. Start here.

Students at other locations

To attend one of these UA locations, indicate your intention on your application for admission:

  • Wayne College
  • Medina County University Center
  • UA-Lakewood
  • Holmes County

For Distance Learning, apply through the Office of Admissions. When you register for classes, select Distance Learning as a Mode of Instruction.

Sixty-plus program

Sixty Plus (60+) is available for students over 60 years old.

I'm also a veteran

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Additional application types

  • You are a high school student, or graduated from high school or earned a GED less than 5 years ago, apply as a new freshman
  • You are taking, or have completed, classes at another college and want to complete your degree at UA. You may have already earned an associates and seek another, or a bachelor's, apply as a transfer student
  • It has been more than 5 years since you graduated from high school or earned a G.E.D., and you have never attended college, apply as an adult

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