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The Akron Guarantee Scholarship not only guarantees the yearly renewal of your scholarship so long as you are in good academic standing, but it also offers even greater financial support through automatic yearly upgrades.

Graduate on time with less debt

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship helps you graduate in four years with less debt!

The new scholarship:

  • guarantees the annual renewal of your scholarship if you maintain good academic standing (a 2.0 GPA),
  • includes automatic scholarship upgrades as you earn 30, 60 and 90 credits, totaling up to $3,500, and
  • provides a larger, total eight-semester scholarship than a traditional scholarship.

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship is our investment in you!



Meet Jessica. She is considering two scholarship offers. One is The Akron Guarantee Scholarship. The other is a traditional scholarship from another university.

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship is guaranteed up to four years, and it grows every year, saving her as much as $3,500 over that period.

Let’s say Jessica’s first-year coursework is tougher than expected. Her GPA suffers. How would her scholarship choice play out?

Let's first look at a traditional scholarship from another university.

Chart showing traditional offer

As a freshman, Jessica’s grades dropped below the scholarship’s minimum GPA requirement. Her scholarship was not renewed. Now she must pay thousands of dollars more for tuition in years 2-4.

Now let's look at The Akron Guarantee Scholarship.

Chart showing the Akron Guarantee Scholarship, which increases in value every year

Jessica’s scholarship is guaranteed as long as she maintains a 2.0 at UA, and it increases every year for four years, rewarding her for her success. She has a better chance of graduating in four years with less debt.


Who is eligible?

Students with a high school GPA of 3.00 or higher AND an ACT score of 20 (SAT score between 1020-1050) or higher may qualify for the Akron Guarantee Scholarship. Students with an ACT score between 17 and 19 (SAT score between 900-1010) may also qualify for the Akron Guarantee if their GPA is 3.80 or higher.

See other conditions and requirements for the Akron Guarantee Scholarship.


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