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What’s new in our shop

New video campaign with LeBron James

UA shares a unique partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation, which also is the name of our College of Education. The latest series of videos done by University Communications and Marketing with the Akron native and four-time NBA MVP feature LeBron James in a familiar off-the-court role. You’ll see him spending time with the aspiring students in his I PROMISE program as they learn about what can be achieved here from current University of Akron students.

Rivalry backstory

Our collaboration with Kent State University for a mascot-rivalry video to promote the recent Zips vs Flashes basketball game was a viral hit! The video was posted to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter – with Akron’s version of the video drawing 85,743 views total (as of March 17).

University’s colors shifting slightly in effort to unify

University Communications and Marketing is making a subtle shift in the color palette used on our website and in our advertising, publications and more. The shift will unify our colors across the University.

In short, we’re retiring the yellow that was in the navigation bar and elsewhere. In its place is a true gold (below). We’re also refining the blue slightly, again to gain consistency across campus.

The changes have been evident for some time in many of our Admissions pieces, such as the postcard below.

We have updated our brand website to reflect the new colors. You can support our effort to unify our colors by using the updated PowerPoint templates, logos and more on the site.

The University seal is not changing. So letterheads, envelopes and business cards -- all of which contain the seal -- are current and are in line with our updated brand standards. Please continue to use them.

If UCM can be of assistance for you on any project, complete this form, which is on the department’s home page.

Questions about the color shift can be directed to


That's what makes us The University of Akron

Students, faculty and staff stopped by the Student Union recently for the latest campus event to reflect our new messaging platform, “That’s What Makes Us.” This page show pictures and social media posts from the Zips Programming Network’s Breakfast With Zippy event.