Distinguish yourself at Akron Law


Full-time law students can complete the JD program in as few as 2½ years, and part-time law students can finish in as little as 3½ years.

No special application is required. Students wishing to pursue this option should meet with our Director of Student Services following the conclusion of the spring semester of the first year of law school.

The Early-Out Program does not:

Compromise students' ability to specialize or complete certificate programs Exclude students from clinical programs, moot court, mock trial, or law review.

The Early-Out Program does:

Require some summer attendance, but can be utilized to give you a head start on bar preparation and career activities. 

Our summer courses allow students to meet their graduation requirements and graduate early with no complications. And, since almost all summer classes meet at night, they do not interfere with clinical assignments, internships, clerkships, summer associate positions, or other daytime employment. For students seeking a shorter, more intense class experience, intense courses over a week or two are available on a limited basis.

Questions? Please contact Nolan James, Assistant Dean of Admissions, at 1-800-425-7668 or lawadmissions@uakron.edu.