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University Libraries participates in the Federal Depository Library Program, and offers free access to government information resources. Learn more...

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Bierce Library

Humanities, fine and applied arts, social sciences, and business.

Location: Buchtel Common

Circulation: 330-972-5355

User Support: 330-972-8161

Wayne College Library

Wayne College Library

Supports research and learning for Wayne College

Website: wayne.uakron.edu/library/

Phone: 330-684-8789

E-Mail: waynelibrary@uakron.edu

Science & Technology

Science and Technology Library

Sciences, technology, polymers, engineering, health and medicine.

Location: Auburn Science Center

Circulation: 330-972-8323

Reference: 330-972-7195

Akron Law Library

Law Library

Research and learning in legal studies at the UA School of Law.

Website: UA Law Library

Phone: 330-972-7330

Location: 150 University Ave.

Archival Services

Archival Services

Preservation and access to the history of the University and Akron region.

Website: uakron.edu/libraries/archives/

Location: The Polsky Building

Phone: 330-972-7670

Center for the History of Psychology


Archives, museum and library supporting research and education in the history of psychology.

Website: uakron.edu/chp

Phone: 330-972-7285

Location: 73 College St.