How bad weather affects our operations

In the event of severe weather, we may adjust operations to help assure safety while providing some services to students.

Operations that may be affected by inclement weather:

  • Reduced Roo Express shuttle operations
  • "Midnight Clear," in which we ask motorists to move their vehicles from rooftops of parking decks to covered space.

Roo Express operations when the University closes 

When the University of Akron has to close, The Roo Express will operate on a restricted "Snow Route" schedule from 8:00am until 6:00pm, unless road conditions worsen. The Roo Express's objective on days when the university is shut down is to transport resident students from their residences halls to and from Rob's Cafe and the Rec Center. Check our announcement page on the DoubleMap Bus Tracking AppTwitter, and Facebook for the most up to date information.

Roo Express Snow Route

inclement weather roo rout map

The Snow Route will make stops at the following locations:

1.  Across from Quaker Square on Mill Street

2.  At the corner of Exchange and Main Street

3.  At the RKP Metro RTA Transit Center off Broadway St.

4.  At The Depot Apts.

5.  The Student Union

6.  In front of Starbucks on Exchange St.

7.  On Exchange St. at University Edge apts.

8.  Across the street from Spicer Hall on Spicer Street

9.  Near Fir Hill Towers on South Forge St.

10. At Rob's Cafe near the Honors College

The shuttle will operate on this route from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Additional stops will be added when needed. Check our DoubleMap App/website/Facebook/Twitter for current shuttle stops.

'Midnight Clear'

In the event of a significant snowfall, a special rule for plowing will be enacted called “Midnight Clear”. Notification will be sent to all resident students via Z-Alert text instructing them to relocate their vehicles to a covered area of a parking deck. Vehicles must be returned by 8 p.m. the next day to regularly assigned lots. Lot designation enforcement will be suspended at the announced Midnight Clear until the next day by 8 p.m. (all university parking lots in effect become “All-permit” lots campus-wide).  This will allow plowing on the top levels of the decks and surface lots in order to maintain a safe environment for the campus community. Any vehicles not relocated for snow plowing will be ticketed. 

Relocation of Vehicles for Snow Removal

City of Akron Parking Ban

When there is significant snow fall the City of Akron may issue a city street parking ban. When a city parking ban is in effect, permit holders may park without an overnight parking sticker under a covered parking deck level and should follow the "Midnight Clear" rules.

 Sign up for the Z-Alert text messaging service at Also, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for midnight clear notifications.

Closure of Parking Deck Rooftops

When there is significant snow accumilation, we will close the rooftop levels of campus parking decks until snow is removed. The rooftops will reopen as they are determined to be safe to use agin. 

Dining Services Operations 

Visit Dining Services Page to view its policy on inclement weather operating procedures.